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Fire Protection

Storage tank fires can cause massive
property damage and personal loss. Fires can
be extinguished quickly with Arrow
equipment and AFFF products.

Simple, dependable design makes the
Arrow CCS ideal  for use in off-shore
petroleum operations.


The Arrow CCS (Concentrate Control System) supplies dependable, economical fire protection for a wide variety of applications. Simple, dependable design makes the Arrow CCS ideal for Industrial Plants, Chemical Processing Plants, Transportation Depots, Off-shore and land based Petroleum Operations and Power Plants.
Concentrate Control Systems (CCS) are supplemental chemical agent delivery systems custom-engineered to improve the performance of plain water for both fire suppression and routine wash downs to mitigate combustible dusts.  CCS systems can be designed with new fire suppression systems or retrofitted to an existing system. Every system is individually designed to meet your specific hazard requirements.
CCS systems are available to meet various requirements including bladder tanks, water-driven proportioners and powered pump systems.  

Fire Suppression Features:



1. The system operates without dependence on external pumping -- only flowing water under pressure is required for delivery of foam solution.
2. Extremely accurate concentrate proportioning (metering) is maintained over a wide range of water flow rates.
3. The system exhibits a very low permanent pressure drop.
4. Dependability is assured by the excellent storage capabilities of the Arrow CCS and the long shelf life of AFFF concentrates.
5. The construction of the Arrow CSS System provides that there is no dilution of the concentrate that is not used after activation of the system.
6. Low installation cost -- especially when compared to other balanced pressure proportioning methods that require concentrate pumps.
7. Easy retrofit of existing fire protection systems can reduce expensive redesign and refitting.
8. The effectiveness of the Arrow CCS and AFFF agents with non-air aspirating dispensing devices provides system design flexibility.
9. The unit is adaptable to nearly all types of fixed fire protection systems.
10. Design simplicity minimizes chance of system failure.
11. Valves are quick opening.
12. Automatic or manual operation is available.
13. Screened water inlet is standard.

See engineering data.

Horizontal capacities                                    Vertical capacities
from 100 to 4000 gallons.                                  from 36 to 2400 gallons


Simple, dependable design makes the Arrow CCS ideal  for use in off-shore  petroleum operations, or remote  locations like the Alaska pipeline, where pumping horsepower and maintenance  manpower are at a premium.

TYPES: Halon, foam and water.

Pressure Proportioner
A proven and reliable balanced pressure proportioner available in vertical and horizontal configurations and offshore Installations.The Concentrate Controller is a precisely machined component with a venturi and recovery section metering orifice that accurately proportions concentrate into the fire water stream to produce the optimum extinguishing solution over wide ranges of flow rates. Arrow's versatile Concentrate Control System can deliver AFFF solution to standard sprinkler and underwing fire protection vital to aircraft fire safety.

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