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Pressure Vessels
Arrow Tank and Engineering Company Fabricates Custom ASME Code Compliant Pressure Vessels, Heavy Duty Pressure Retaining Parts, Industrial Process Equipment, Shells, Cylinders, Cones, Tanks and Components.

Arrow Tank and Engineering is a qualified fabricator meeting ASME, API, AISC, AISI, SELO and UL standards. We have 6 decades of experience fabricating products from small fire protection vessels to powder bulk separation vessels all the way up to very large vessels and towers.
The Arrow Tank and Engineering Co. is the leading quality provider of pressure vessels for numerous industries. We understand the specific market demands that exist for each of our customers. Our customers range from small product designers to large, multi-national corporations. Click on the galleries to the left to learn more about the various markets that we serve.

Let us see your application. Arrow will meet the challenges of your project and deliver quality equipment you need on time at competitive and sensible rates.

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Oil & Gas



Power Generation

Fire Protection

Water Treatment

Nuclear Equipment

DOT Transportation


Green Energy

Dairy, Food,  Beverage

Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech

Agriculture & Irrigation


Custom Designs


Storage Tanks

Towers, Reactors and
Air Receivers


Distillation Tanks


Water Treatment


Custom Filters

Flocculation Tanks


Separator Vessels

Demineralizing Vessels

Vacuum Vessels

Skid Vessels

Claded Vessels

Coil Jacket Vessels

Saturation Tanks


Chemical Industry Half Pipe Coil Systems

When heat transfer is important, Arrow Tank and Engineering can meet your specific requirements or suggest economical alternatives.
Tanks can be produced in quantities of one or hundreds. Reactors are fabricated from stainless steel grades to meet your corrosion and heat transfer requirements.

Arrow Tank and Engineering offers the following services:

• Half Pipe Jackets (guaranteed full pen, partial pen, or fillet weld options available)
• Dimpled Jackets
• Internal Coils (single, multi or interlaced)
• Conventional Jackets
• Panel Coils (Clamp-on)

The following are pictures of some projects completed by
Arrow Tank and Engineering.

Weld Overlay Cladding

Arrow Tank and Engineering offers a variety of solutions where service conditions require corrosion resistant properties.
Cladding is a welding procedure that puts weld metal on the surface of the work, as opposed to joining two pieces of material. Generally this is used for corrosion resistance or wear resistance and usually a different material is used for the clad than for the base metal.
The weld overlay cladding process provides protection for products including pipelines, valves, flanges and specialist fabrications that are used in hostile environments.
Welding can be overlayed to an application externally (i.e. flange face) or weld inlay internally (i.e. through a pipe bore). Weld overlay cladding provides the assurance of a heavy-duty metallurgically-bonded protective layer that will not be undermined or dislodged in service.

The highly versatile weld overlay process provides the practical combination of readily available base materials, coated with a suitable long-lasting corrosion resistant alloy to protect any vulnerable area. This provides the benefit of cost savings, as well as a reduction in lead time.
A wide range of applications can benefit from anti-corrosion weld overlay and weld inlay, including pipelines, flanges, valves, vessels and specialist subsea equipment. An array of component shapes and sizes can be clad at
Arrow Tank and Engineering with a huge range of base material/cladding alloy alternatives. Arrow tank and Engineering can overlay nozzles to fit our individual customer requirements from 2″ diameter to very large diameters. We would like to be your first choice.

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